Plastic Die Casting Production

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Plastic die casting is the most common and advanced plastic processing method allowing the manufacture of plasticproducts of complex shape. This technology is based on softening (melting) granulated material, its injection under high pressure into a die molding cavity and pressure melt sealing followed by cooling.

Plastic die casting is performed on injection molding machines (IMM) that allow the manufacture of products from various plastics (ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, PMMA) and composite materials.

Plastic die casting has the following advantages: high efficiency, high product accuracy, and manufacturing products of very complex geometry, reinforced products,parts from expanded plastics etc. Besides, in mass production, parts manufactured using this technology are lower priced than those produced by other methods. Plastic processing by this method is a real opportunity for any business to maintain low product costs.

At present, SAPT is using plastic die castingto manufacture a range of parts, such asvehicle interior/exterior parts, medical goods, light engineering parts, promotional products, consumer goods and the like.

The plant employs injection molding machineswith clamp tonnage from 100 to 1,250 tons. In addition, this production has a section for cutting, assembling and ultrasonic welding of die castings.

The plant is provided with a complex of accessory and peripheral plastic processing equipment (driers, automatic raw material loaders, temperature controllers, plastic crushers, water cooler) to manufacture high quality products and employ injection dies and primary equipment in conditions minimizing their wear and extending trouble-free service life.

The company’s own tool production and design office allow injection dies to be promptly repaired. SAPT has long collaborated with organizations manufacturingthe highest quality tooling with a short lead time, which is a great advantage when preparing anew product manufacture.

After operations are completed, injection dies are preserved and stored in a dry warm room with the appropriate microclimate.
СSAPT’s procurement service works with all major suppliers of materials, colorants and additives for this production, thus making it possible to have materials promptly selected and delivered at the customer’s request.

The shop has a dry heated warehouse for raw materials and finished products, where individual types of materials and parts are kept in strictly zoned storage, which also contributes to high product quality.

JSC SAPT is a fully-featured plastic processing plantthat also deals with metal casting and manufactures general rubber and polymer goods of high quality. Our own manufacturing capacity and dependable suppliers of raw materials allow us to ensure that all orders are fulfilled in a prompt and high-quality manner.
Availability of thermoplasticsat IMM shop
Specification HAITIAN SA 1200/410 HAITIAN SA 2800/1350 DEMAG 500/900-6400 HAITIAN MA 6000/4500 HAITIAN MA 8000/6400 HAITIAN JU 13000/10600
Clamp tonnage kN 1200 2800 5500 6000 8000 13000
Shot size (theoretikal) cm3 >214 735 3367(3060) 2799 3691 6220
Injection rate (PS) g/s 139 321 600 637 642 960
Space between tie bars >mm 410/410 630/630 800/900 880/880 1000/1000 1280/1380
Plate size machines H/W mm 627/625 860/860 1200/1300 1320/1300 1485/1465 1875/1975
Max. mold height mm 450 630 880 880 1050 1350
Min. mold height mm 150 230 400 380 420 550
Toggle stroke mm 360 540 810 900 1040 1500
Max. distance between the plates mm 510 820 1690 1280 1460 2200
Diameter of the insertion hole mm Ø125 Ø160/Ø125 Ø200 Ø200 Ø250 Ø250
Size of mounting holes mm М16-7Н 8 паз. М20-7Н 8 паз. М 20 104 отв. М20-7Н 16 паз. М24-7Н 16 паз. М24-88
Injection pressure MPa 192 184 (1895) 162 184 171
Machine dimension HxWxL m 1,8х1,2х4,8 2,0х1,8х6,4 2,5х2,3х10,3 2,2х2,0х9,5 2,3х2,3х10,7 4,3х3,8х10,9
Year of manufacture РPМ year 2008 2008 2005 2013 2011 2014

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