Extrusion welding of polymers

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Our company is constantly improving, changing and manufacturing new products.In this past February, a new section for extrusion polymer welding was set up. We produce standard and off-gage containers from polyethylene and polypropylene to orders made in advance. products are sought-after in the current market and the demand for them has been soaring in recent years. Applications of such containers are abundant. They are used in food, construction, transportation, chemical and agricultural industries as well as in everyday life. Today, polymer containers are the nest solution catering to human needs.As distinct from concrete and metal, polymer containers have a number of undisputed advantages, such as durability, reliability, substantially lower weight (versus concrete and metal), easy manufacturing application, customization, completing with fittings and automation media, resistance to aggressive operating environments at high temperatures, and, easy repair of damaged products.
   The basic profile of our plant is manufacturing septic tanks from sheet propylene produced in-house. New generation septic tanks are employed for mechanical treatment of household and industrial wastewater. Their operation involves household wastewater filtration and rejection of solid organics followed by water aeration. BIO septic tanks provide a full household water treatment cycle. Active sludge stabilization occurs inanaerobic conditions. In the presence of forcibly injected atmospheric oxygen and under the effect of microorganisms, organic substances oxidize. A septic tank is designed for effective treatment of contaminated water before it is discharged into the environment. Once treated like that, water can be used for irrigation. Our local units of BIO series have an all-bearing plastic body made from polypropylene 6 to 8mm thick. A septic tank is an underground vertical container that accumulatessewage liquor for subsequent pumping out. It is cylindrical in shape to better take up soil pressure. Advantages of septic tanks: noiseless continuous operation, evolve no odors, highly reliable, fully energy independent, easy to install and operate, minimum consumption and long service life.

   Collectively, these advantages make septic tanks indispensable for canalization. JSC Sosnovskagropromtekhnika has not only high qualitystate-of-the-art equipment, but also skilled professional. Over 25 years of successful operation in the market, we have proven ourselves as a supplier of high quality goods and services. Cooperation with our company is sure to bring benefits to you and result in long trouble-free operation of your systems. The range of our products is diverse. We offer a variety of containers and tanks for food products and chemicals, plunge tubs and swimming pools for baths and saunas, fish rearing and transportation tanks, and many more. We also manufacture products to orders made in advance. All goods on offer have quality certificates supporting their longevity. Our prices are adapted as much as possible to the needs of the average Russian customer. Maximum convenient payment methods.

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