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НAt present, SAMP produces more than 100 names of general rubber goods(GRG) that are mainly parts for the automotive industry (bushings, shock absorbers, mats, buffers,radiator gaskets etc.), agricultural machinery and agro-processing equipment. Becausegeneral rubber goods are widely used today in the industry and everyday life, many companies often need a batch of some product to be manufactured. Мы предлагаем свои услуги по тиражированию любых партий РТИ, при этом их стоимость будет довольно низкой.We offer our services for replicating any GRG batches at lower prices. The primary method used by SAPT to manufacture GRG is molding. When manufacturing parts, various rubber compound grades are employed depending on entryrequirements. SAPT maintains long-standing cooperation with rubber compound suppliers, such as JSC Saransk PlantREZINOTEKHNIKA, JSCYaroslavl PlantforRubberTechnicalProducts, MIR LLC (Nizhny Novgorod) and others.
On arriving at the plant, each rubber compound batch goes through incoming inspection by the accredited in-house laboratoryfor meeting the required parameters. Immediately before production startup, rubber compounds are heated on rolls at the preparation section. The same section manufactures blanks for molded GRG either on screw extrusion machines (by injection) or by cutting rubber compound strips after rolling. Parts are cured on hydraulic presses with a clamping force of160 to 400t. The maximum dimensions of presses’ hot plates are 1,250×1,250mm. In order to enhance efficiency and reduce the manufacturing cost of GRG parts, two four-platen presses fitted with injection die rechargers are employed.
The company’s own tool production and design office allow own design and manufacture of tooling to make parts as per the customer’s drawing. This ultimately enables us to manufacture the end product in a prompt and high-quality manner. Extensive experience and skilled workforce make us certain we will be able to cope with any task at hand.
The shop has a dry heated warehouse for raw materials and finished products, where various types of rubber compounds and parts are kept in strictly zoned storage, which also contributes to high product quality. SAPT fabricates high quality general rubber goods to order.You may order GRG of any complexity and shape, including items of most irregular dimensions, and our specialists will make an injection die according to your drawings or TOR.

JSC SAPT is a fully-featured GRG plant capable of carrying out a complete range or works, including preparation of technical documents and injection die design. Since the whole process occurs within one site, you don’t have to waste your time searching for contractors and transporting parts and injection dies – we’ll do it all for you. SAPT is also involved in plastic product manufacture and nonferrous metal die castingand offers polymer sheet production services. To place your order or get expert advice, contact our specialists who will provide you with all desired information.

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