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Quality management system

Quality of products — is one of the main goals of the organization; and many companies try to achieve excellence with regard to improving product quality.
As it is known, in the market economy conditions a crucial factor determining the competitiveness of products is the level of quality equal to the price component. In 1998 our company developed, implemented and certified the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with requirements of ISO 9001 for effective quality management.
The QMS implementation was caused by the desire to solve the following tasks:
satisfaction of customer requirements
reduction of products of non-conforming quality (and as a consequence - non-manufacturing costs)
creating an image of a high-quality products manufacturer (promoting sales).

In 2008 our company successfully passed the quality management system certification for complianceСертификат качества with the requirements of the international standard of ISO / TS 16949-2009 in accordance with the "TUV CERT" (Germany) methods. “TUV CERT” (Германия).
The QMS work is based on 8 principles on the ground of ISO 9000:
1.Customer orientation
2.Leadership of the head
3.Staff involving
4.Process approach
5.System approach to management
6.Constant improvement
7.Decision making based on facts
8.Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

Implementation of ISO 16949-2009 requirements is carried out through implementation of the following procedures:
Процедуры СМК

One of the criteria for quality assessment of our products is the level of customer satisfaction. The main consumers quarterly mark an integral estimate of the organization work which takes into account not only the level of quality of our products, but also the level of production supply organization and the level of loyalty and the prospects of the company. According to the results of 2009 and the 1st half of 2010, we are recognized by:
JSC "PAZ" - as an excellent supplier,
JSC "KAMAZ" - as an excellent supplier,
JSC "UAZ" - as an excellent supplier,
CJSC "Megaplast" - as an excellent supplier.

Quality control service
The main functions and tasks:
1.Quality control of details manufactured by the company, their compliance with standards, technical specifications, stated references and the design documentation.
2.Participation in the creation and implementation of the quality management system.
3.Carrying out accounting and analysis of nonconforming products, the development and monitoring the implementation of measures aimed at elimination of defects.
4.Monitoring and analysis of information on the quality of supplied products and customer satisfaction.
5.Systematization and establishment of identification methods and traceability of the product documentation of the quality management system.


Implementation of the ISO 14001 international standard of the Environmental Management System is the guarantee of ecological safety of the enterprise. (Download) The chief engineer Levanov V.E. is responsible for the execution of the EMS.

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