Production types

Polymer sheet
The production has a complete complete set of technological equipment, including modern high-performance extrusion lines, for manufacturing single-, double-, three-, four- and five-layer
Anchor sheet of polymers
An anchor sheet used to protect concrete and reinforced concrete from the effects of the external environment is made of HDPE high-density polyethylene
Thermovacuum molding
The vacuum forming technology consists in that a flat blank (sheet) is placed over the matrix, heated to the molding temperature and takes the form of a matrix by creating a vacuum between the plastic and the matrix.
Molding of plastics under pressure
Die casting is the most common and progressive method of processing plastics, which makes it possible to obtain products of complex configuration. This technology is based on the plasticization
Casting of non-ferrous metals under pressure
The essence of the technology of casting non-ferrous metals under pressure is to feed molten metal into a mold under high pressure with the following rapid cooling and crystallization.
Extrusion welding of polymers
In 2017, the production of extrusion welding of various containers, septic tanks and other products made of polyethylene was organized. These products are made to order and are used in various fields of activity.
Rubber products
To date, JSC "SAPT" produces more than 100 items of rubber products. These are mainly parts for the automotive industry (bushings, shock absorbers, mats, buffers
The specialists of the enterprise conduct a three-dimensional scan, or 3D scanning of the object - this is a non-contact process of transferring the physical form of a real object to a digital form.

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