Industrial analysis laboratory

The Industrial analysis laboratory of JSC "Sosnovskagropromtehnika" is certified for technical competence and independence by the Federal Accreditation Service and included in the register of certification agencies and certified testing laboratories (centers) (accreditation certificate № RA. RU.511957 of 16.07.2015). Оборудование производственной лаборатории САПТ

The main area of activity of the Industrial analysis laboratory is carrying out the quantitative сhemistry analysis, tests and measuring of chemical, physicochemical, physical and mechanical properties of materials, manufactured products and environmental objects.

In the field consolidated accreditation by the certificate our laboratory carries out:

- Characterization of properties of such materials as: thermal plastics, rubber compounds, zinc and aluminum alloys;
- Characterization of properties of finished products made of plastics, rubber and non-ferrous alloys;
- Determination of wastewater quality parameters, natural and drinking water quality parameters, sources of domestic water supply;
- Characterization of properties of final goods of meat processing production;


The list of tests and investigations carried out by the Industrial analysis laboratory at JSC “SAPT”
Name of the investigated object Indicator to determinate Normative document for the research method
Meat products: semi-smoked sausage, cooked sausage, sausages, small sausages, small loafs, meat semi-finished items Mass fraction of sodium chloride, Moisture content, Mass fraction of sodium nitrite, Weight fraction of starch, Mass fraction of minced meat, Mass fraction of salt in the raw dumplings GOST 9957-73 p.2 GOST 9793-74 p.4 GOST 8558.1-78 p.5 GOST 10574-91 p.3 TU 9214-005-25689735-03 GOST 9957-73 p.2
Sheets made of ABS plastic, compositions of the ABS + PC, PMMA, polyolefins (HDPE, LDPE, PP) Shrinkage, Density, Charpy impact strength, Tensile yield strength, Elongation at break, Flexural modulus GOST 18616 GOST 15139 GOST 4647 GOST 11262 GOST 11262 GOST 9550
Products made of of ABS, ABS / PC sheets - plastic Shrinkage, Density, Charpy impact strength, Tensile yield strength, Elongation at break, Flexural modulus, Shore hardness GOST 18616 GOST 15139 GOST 4647 GOST 11262 GOST 11262 GOST 9550 GOST 24621
Thermal plastic (raw materials) Melt flow rate, The range of melt flow index within a one batch, Tensile yield strength, Elongation at break, Mass fraction of volatile substances, Granulometric composition: Mass fraction of grains (particles) of sizes from 1 to 20 mm, Charpy impact strength, Moisture content, Density, Flexural modulus GOST 11645 TU for a material GOST 11262 GOST 11262 TU for material GOST 4647 for a material GOST 15139 GOST 9550
Details made of plastics Geometric characteristics, Heat resistance, Oil and petrol resistance, Resistance to humid air cyclic exposure of TU for a material, According to the documentation for details
Rubber compounds Shore hardness, Tensile strength, Elongation at break GOST 263 GOST 270 GOST 270
Mechanical rubber goods Resistance to liquid aggressive mediums in an unstrained state: - volume change - mass change, Relative residual deformation under static compression, Shore hardness, elongation at break, Tensile strength GOST 9.030 GOST 9.029 GOST 3805361 GOST 263 GOST 270 GOST 270
Zinc casting alloys Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Lead, Tin, Cadmium, Silicon GOST 23328
Aluminum casting alloys Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Tin, Titanium, Silicon, Manganese, Nickel GOST 7727
Drinking water Smell, taste, hardness, nitrate ion, nitrite ion, Ammonia and ammonium ions, The total iron, Permanganate oxidizability, рН index, Chloride ion, sulphate ion, Solid residue, Surfactants, Fluoride ion GOST 3351-74 p.2 GOST 3351-74 p.3 GOST Р 31954-2012 p.4 GOST 18826-73 p.3 GOST 4192-82 p.4 GOST 4192-82 p.3 GOST 4011-72 p.2 IPA F 14.1:2:4.154-99 IPA F 14.1:2:3:4.121-97 GOST 4245-72 p.2 GOST Р 31940-2012 p.6 GOST 18164-72 GOST Р 31857-2012 p.5 GOST 4386-89 p.1
Natural and waste water Nitrate ion, Nitrite ion, Ammonium ion, iron the total, Phosphate ion, pH index, Chloride ion, Sulphate ion, Solid residue, Anionic surfactants, Petroleum products, Fats, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) , Chemical oxygen demand (COD), Suspended solids, Active chlorine IPA F 14.1:2:4.4-95 IPA F 14.1:2:4.3-95 IPA F 14.1:1-95 IPA F 14.1:2:4.50-96 IPA F 14.1:2:4.112-97 IPA F 14.1:2:3:4.121-97 IPA F 14.1:2.96-97 IPA F 14.1:2.159-2000 IPA F 14.1:2:4.114-97 IPA Ф 14.1:2:4.15-95 IPA F 14.1:2.116-97 IPA F 14.1:2.122-97 IPA F 14.1:2:4.123-97 IPA F 14.1:2.100-97 IPA F 14.1:2.110-97 IPA F 14.1:2:4.113-97

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