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JSC SAPT deals with the manufacture of plastic products and nonferrous metal die casting. The nonferrous metal die casting technology involves the injection of molten metal at high pressure into the die cavityfollowed by rapid cooling and crystallization. The nonferrous metal die castingtechnology has the following apparent advantages:
- high accuracy and high aesthetic quality of produced castings;
- production of thin-walled castings of complex shape;
- fine-grain structure, fewer defects and high mechanical properties of produced castings;
- production of castings with reinforcement of other metals.Образцы деталей получаемых методом литья цветных металлов под давлением
Today «SAPT»produces more than 80 product names usingthe nonferrous metal die casting technology. These are mainly parts for the automotive industry (handrail brackets for PAZ buses, rear view mirror brackets for Priora and GAZelle,overhead racks, pneumatic brake booster bodies etc.) The primary materials for this production are aluminum (AK5M3, AK9M2, AK12M2 etc.) and zinc (TsAM 4-1) alloys.
Each shipment of material received for production will be tested by the in-house laboratory for meeting the required parameters.
Melt is prepared byresistor crucible furnacesthat provide maintenance and easy adjustment of melt temperature.
Part casting is carried out on HP die casting machines with a locking pressure of 160 to 400t, a compressing forceof 20 to 40t and the maximum weight of poured metal of up to 6.3kg.
We carry out the entire spectrum of nonferrous metal casting work, so if you need metal products, they will be manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment using high quality materials.
You can order injection dies from us to substantially save even when manufacturing small product batches.
The fact that this production has grinding, machining (comprising ametal-cutting equipment system), tumbling and vibratory washing sections allows castings to be machined to obtain the end product.
The company’s tool shop and design office help perform prompt repair and upgrade injection dies. After work is complete, injection dies are preserved and kept in a room where the required microclimate is maintained.
The company’s vast experience, skilled personnel and long-standing cooperation with manufacturers of the highest quality tooling are great advantaged when preparing new production.

Образцы деталей получаемых методом литья цветных металлов под давлением Образцы деталей получаемых методом литья цветных металлов под давлением Образцы деталей получаемых методом литья цветных металлов под давлением

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