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Production types

  • The polymeric sheets

    Production has a completed set of technological equipment including modern high-performance extrusion lines for production of one-, two-, three-, four- and five-layer plastic sheets: ABS, polystyrene, ABS / PMMA, ABS / TPU, HDPE, PP, ABS + PC and ABS + TPU compositions.

  • The Injection molding

    Injection molding is the most common and progressive method of plastic processing allowing to make products of a complex configuration. This technology is based on plastication (melting) of the granular material, its movement under high pressure into a mold cavity and melt compression by pressure followed by cooling.

  • The thermal vacuum molding

    Vacuum forming technology is based on a process when a flat sheet parison (a sheet) is placed above a matrix, heated to a molding temperature and takes the form of the matrix by creating vacuum between plastics and the matrix.

  • The non-ferrous die casting

    The essence of the non-ferrous metal casting technology consists in feeding a melted metal into a mold under high pressure followed by rapid cooling and crystallization

  • The Mechanical rubber goods

    Nowadays JSC "SAPT" produces more than 100 items of rubber products. Basically there are components for the automotive industry (hubs, shock absorbers, rugs, buffers, gaskets of radiators, etc..), agricultural machinery and equipment for agricultural products processing.

    Production of fiberglass articles

    Currently at JSC "Sosnovskagropromtehnika" there is introduced the technology of manufacturing of details made of polyester fiberglass. A new workshop was built, necessary equipment was bought and staff training was conducted in order to organize the production. Goods produced by this technology are used for manufacture of interior and exterior parts of automobiles and railway transport, consumer goods and in other sectors