Tomorrow is the privilege of those people who works well today

Continuous modernization is the key to competitiveness in the automotive components market.

In December 2014 our company bought another one injection molding machine HAITIAN, but unlike the previous models this machine has a number of advantages.

First of all we can say that this injection molding machine belongs to the second generation of energy saving two-plate injection molding hydraulic machines.

The HAITIAN JUPITER series has significant improvement compared to the previous generation of injection molding machines, providing more advantages for a wide range of uses. The new construction includes additional functions that significantly increase the productivity of the machine and the quality of molded details. The Injection molding machine can be adapted to specific parameters of molding thanks to the combination of a clamping unit and various injection units. An improved construction of locking nut drivers provides high positioning accuracy of a movable plate. The big movable plate allows using heavy-weight molding toools. Four independent hydraulic cylinders provide accurate positioning of the movable plate with control from four linear position sensors.

The new equipment in the IMM workshop allowed to produce new types of articles for GAZ. Continuous updating of "Sosnovskagropromtekhnika"'s equipment helps to look confidently to the future, even in a difficult economic situation which exists at the moment.

Posted on 27/11/2015, 15:24