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To date, JSC Sosnovskagropromtekhnika has implemented a technology for manufacturing parts from polyester fiberglass. To launch manufacturing, the company built a new shop, purchased equipment and trained personnel. Изделия из стеклопластикаProducts manufactured using this technology are employed to produce interior and exterior parts of vehicles andrailroad transport, consumer goods etc. Изделия из стеклопластика
   Fiberglassis acomposite material with preselected properties. Knowing the use conditions of a fiberglass product being designed allows composite material components (binder type, type of employedglassfiber-based reinforcing material) to be selected more carefully to obtain a finished product with individual characteristics.Изделия из стеклопластика
Fiberglass is made from two main components: binding (resin) and reinforcing (glassfiber) materials.
   While inferior to steel in ultimate resistance, fiberglass is 3.5 times lighter and therefore surpasses steel in specific strength. If steel and fiberglass structures are of equal strength, the latter is lighter by several times. Изделия из стеклопластика
   The distinctive features of fiberglass products are ruggedness,dimensional stability, resistance to high and low temperatures as well as dielectric, chemical and high temperature resistance. According to the customer’s requests, parts of various colors and textures can be manufactured.

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