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About our company

1992 year

Opening and the launch of the foundry. The first batch of products was manufactured in the amount of 3,000,000 rubles. Supplies of foundry products were realized to PAZ, the total amount of manufactured products was increased to 6,000,000 rubles per month.

1994 year

Installation and commissioning of an extrusion line 1 and the first supplies of ABS plastic sheets to PAZ.

1997 year

Construction of a new building for injection molding machines and purchase of an extrusion line 2.

1998 year

The company successfully passed the certification audit of the quality management system for compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-96. The Quality System Certification Authority is "Tech Center-REGISTER". The commissioning of an IMM workshop and implementation of a technological innovation: molding details from plastics under pressure.

1999 year

Our company received an award for production of high-quality goods from the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Purchase of "Selkhozkhimia"'s territory and start of Road Transport shop equipment at the enterprise. The commissioning of waste treatment facilities.

2001 year

Start of building of a new IMM workshop, start of equipment of a technical laboratory, reconstruction of a machine workshop 2 and its commissioning.

2002 year

The QMS certification for compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001 standards of the version 2001 was carried out. The commissioning and start of the IMM shop working.

2004 year

Realization of the project for a new modern extrusion line acquisition and simultaneous completion of construction of a new extrusion workshop.

2005 year

There was testing of a new imported extrusion line, peripheral equipment for it was acquired. Production of high-quality and high-demand sheets for the automotive industry was carried out..

2006 year

The commissioning of the first Italian 5-coordinate machining center CMS ARES 36/18.

  -   CMS ANTARES 36/18

  -   CMS ANTARES 26/15

2007 year

The commissioning of the second Italian 5-coordinate machining center CMS ANTARES 26/15.

2008 year

The quality management system certification for compliance with requirements of the international standard ISO / TS 16949-2002 was carried out by a certification authority "TUV CERT". Start of realizing an innovative project for the acquisition of an extrusion line of a new generation.


2009 year

There was a crisis in Russia. We didnt stop to realize innovative projects and put into operation the extrusion line that allowed us to produce a ABS + TPU sheet (SENOSAN company sheet's analogue) width up to 2200 mm and also we put into operation the 3-rd machining center CMS ATHENA.

2010 year

Our company successfully came out of the crisis; the extrusion line which was put into operation in 2009 started working at full capacity. There was the technology of manufacturing of details from polyurethane compound introduced. We mastered production of sheets with a top decorative layer of PVC film. Realization of new innovative projects had started.

2011 year

We purchased and put into operation a new injection molding machine HAITIAN MARS 8000/6800B.
A new machining center based on the FANUC robot was purchased and put into operation.
We purchased and put into operation a new Vacuum Forming Machine GEISS Du 2000 T6 with the work table size 2000 × 3000.
A new Vacuum Forming Machine TF MILLENIUM 600 PLUS with the work table size 2000 × 3000 was acquired and put into operation.
Our company developed a scheme and started building of a handling area for the extrusion workshop 2.
We purchased and put into operation a new vibrating machine VU-100 for the needs of the foundry.

2012 year

We completed building of the cargo handling area of the extrusion workshop 2.
A casting machine was selected and the first payment was made for it.
We developed a layout and started building of an extrusion workshop 3.
We selected an extrusion line 4 and made the first payment for it.
A new CMS ATHENA 3015 machining center was purchased and put into operation.
A new multispindle thread-cutting machine was purchased and put into operation.

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